Marine Geophysical Research

An International Journal for the Study of the Earth Beneath the Sea

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Marine Geophysical Research (MGR) has a long-established reputation for high quality geophysical research and data on deep ocean basins. Reflecting international efforts to better understand the global mid-ocean ridge system, its focus has broadened to include studies of continental margin geophysics, structure, stratigraphy and sediment deposition processes. The editors of MGR anticipate a rising rate of advances in this sphere in coming years, reflecting the diversity and complexity of processes in the margins.

The range of coverage of Marine Geophysical Research extends to:

  • new techniques for imaging the deep sea floor
  • the development of new tools for measuring the physical properties of sediments and rocks in continental and oceanic plate margins, as well as ridge settings.

Marine Geophysical Research reaches a large and growing community of readers worldwide.

Marine Geophysical Research does not charge for colour illustrations.

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