Marine Geophysical Research

ISSN: 0025-3235 (Print) 1573-0581 (Online)


Presents high-quality research on deep ocean basins and the global mid-ocean ridge systemMarine Geophysical Research (MGR) has a long-established reputation for high quality geophysical research and data on deep ocean basins. Reflecting international efforts to better understand the global mid-ocean ridge system, its focus has broadened to include studies of continental margin geophysics, structure, stratigraphy and sediment deposition processes. The editors of MGR anticipate a rising rate of advances in this sphere in coming years, reflecting the diversity and complexity of processes in the margins. The range of coverage of Marine Geophysical Research extends to:new techniques for imaging the deep sea floorthe development of new tools for measuring the physical properties of sediments and rocks in continental and oceanic plate margins, as well as ridge settings.Marine Geophysical Research reaches a large and growing community of readers worldwide.Marine Geophysical Research does not charge for colour illustrations.

35 Volumes 136 Issues 941 Articles available from 1970 - 2014

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Prior to volume 32 this journal was published as Marine Geophysical Researches.