International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics

ISSN: 1389-6563 (Print) 1573-6962 (Online)


The International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics deals with the problems of financing a health care system and financing’s impact on health care performance. It examines why people choose alternative arrangements, either in markets or through the political process. In addition, it demonstrates the link between financing of health care and methods of payment for health care and, in turn, the link between payment and the supply decisions of health care providers.

The journal focuses on contributions that integrate theoretical and empirical work, evaluate conflicting findings, or compare experiences among countries and jurisdictions. Papers analyze the behavior and interaction of consumers, providers, insurers, and governments under the influence of health care finance and regulation.

Officially cited as: Int J Health Care Finance Econ

14 Volumes 53 Issues 245 Articles available from 2001 - 2014

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