Annals of Vascular Surgery

ISSN: 0890-5096 (Print) 1615-5947 (Online)


Annals of Vascular Surgery presents peer-reviewed original manuscripts reporting clinical and experimental work in vascular surgery. Sections include Original Articles (reports of clinical series, new investigations, experimental work, new drug, or medical device trials); Case Reports (reports on a limited series of patients); General Reviews (scholarly review of the existing literature on a relevant topic); Surgical Notes (small items of interest, e.g., observations on a new type of suture or clamp); Selected Techniques (technical maneuvers); Historical Notes (interesting vignettes from the early days of vascular surgery); Editorials and Correspondence.

Annals of Vascular Surgery is the official publication for the French Society for Vascular Surgery, Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society, Southern California Vascular Surgical Society, and Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery.

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