Shock Waves @ Marseille III

pp 21-28

Cellular and Tissular Effects of Shock Wave-Induced Cavitation: Potential Application to Digestive Cancers

  • F. PratAffiliated withINSERM U281; 151, Cours Albert Thomas
  • , A. ArefievAffiliated withINSERM U281; 151, Cours Albert Thomas

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Cavitation is assumed to be the essential factor of toxic interactions between acoustic fields and tissues. This property is likely to offer therapeutic potentialities for some cancers. However, the natural behaviour of shock waves in tissues does not induce irreversible damage. The enhancement of cavitation, either through the saturation of the focal field with gas-containing micro-bubbles or by using a specific generator characterized by a negative half-cycle waveform, may overcome this difficulty, we present a series of works undertaken to validate this hypothesis and enhance the clinical potential on necrosis-inducing extracorporeal focused cavitation.

Key words

Cancer cells Digestive cancer Cavitation Microbubbles