Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design for All and Accessibility Practice

Volume 8516 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 412-420

AT and GPII: Maavis

  • Steve LeeAffiliated withOpen Directive Ltd.
  • , Gregg C. VanderheidenAffiliated withTrace Center, UW Madison
  • , Amrish ChourasiaAffiliated withTrace Center, UW Madison

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Maavis is a computer framework that provides an extremely simple way to perform common place computer activities like playing media, viewing photos, accessing web information and making video calls. It is ideal for use with a touch screen. A fundamental principal is that it does not appear to be a computer and yet affords access to computer technology that is of benefit and interest to older users, especially those with age related mental health issues. It also has applications for people with learning difficulties or physical disabilities, or even simple kiosk interfaces as it is designed to work best with a touch screen. Integration of Maavis with the GPII has undergone successful validation tests and further development work is ongoing.


Accessibility touch screen learning disabilities aging dementia