Secure Localization and Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks

Volume 30 of the series Advances in Information Security pp 325-345

Time Synchronization Attacks in Sensor Networks

  • Tanya RoostaAffiliated withUniversity of California at Berkeley
  • , Mike ManzoAffiliated withUniversity of California at Berkeley
  • , Shankar SastryAffiliated withUniversity of California at Berkeley

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In this chapter, we review time synchronization attacks in wireless sensor networks. We will first consider three of the main time synchronization protocols in sensor network in sections. In section we discuss applications of time synchronization in sensor networks. In section we analyze possible security attacks on the existing time synchronization protocols. In section we examine how different sensor network applications are affected by time synchronization attacks. Finally in section we propose possible countermeasures to secure the time synchronization protocols.