, Volume 40, Issue 3, pp 822-829

GSU Praat Tools: Scripts for modifying and analyzing sounds using Praat acoustics software


The Praat acoustics program (Boersma, 2001) is powerful freeware that is widely used by behavioral scientists working with digital sound. This article describes GSU Praat Tools, a script package that helps simplify and automate such work. The routines use Praat’s scripting language to create new menus and commands within the existing interface, and can operate either on individual files or in batch mode. The new functions facilitate selecting, displaying, editing, filtering, and otherwise modifying sounds, quantifying acoustic features, and saving results in text-based data files. The package includes an installation script and user’s manual, and is available free from psyvoso.googlepages.com/softwaredownload.

Script design benefited significantly from the insights of members of the Fall 2006 Sound Practicum graduate seminar, including Rebecca Antworth, Lisa Heimbauer, Ioana Latu, Michael Philipp, Joshua Plotnik, and Rebecca Snyder.
Development of GSU Praat Tools was supported in part by NIMH Prime Award 1 R01 MH65317-01A2 Subaward 8402-15235-X, by the Center fo Behavioral Neuroscience under the STC Program of the National Science Foundation under Agreement No. IBN-9876754, and by funds from the Department of Psychology, Georgia State University.