, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 48-53
Date: 26 Apr 2013

Large Engine Cylinder Honing as a Contribution to Emissions Reduction

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As well as new combustion processes and aftertreatment, increasingly rigorous environmental protection regulations are also promoting advances in engine manufacturing techniques. These measures include optimised surfaces made possible using the most modern honing technologies, such as those already in widespread use in the manufacture of automotive engines. The transfer of these honing technologies to large high and medium speed engines is best achieved using new machining concepts.

Emissions Benefits of modern machining Methods

Engines for marine propulsion, rail traction and stationary generator and compressor sets are subject to tightening emissions regulations. A strong focus in marine applications is the 80 % reduction in NOx emissions in Emissions Control Areas under IMO Tier III, but equally urgent is the need to reduce (and maintain), for example, particulate emissions in ECAs from 1 % m/m from July 2010 to 0.10 % from January 2015 and 4.5 % to 0.5 % outside ECAs.

Hence, as well a ...