, Volume 29, Issue 8, pp 1085-1086
Date: 23 Apr 2014

Hypertension Among the Young Invincibles

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Hypertension is a common condition in the United States, affecting over 65 million Americans.1 Rates of hypertension continue to rise as our population grows older, heavier and more sedentary. Minority populations, particularly African Americans, are disproportionately affected, both in terms of prevalence and the severity of hypertensive sequelae.2 From a public health perspective, hypertension remains a major risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, chronic renal failure, and peripheral vascular disease. Although there has been improvement in control rates over the past few decades, rates of blood pressure control for the general population with hypertension remain only about 50 %.1

Young adults often consider themselves to be immune from chronic diseases. We generally think of hypertension as a condition affecting middle-aged and elderly patients, but the young are increasingly affected as well. A cohort study of children and adolescents obtaining preventive care found that o ...