, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 591-597
Date: 31 May 2011

Hybrid Dielectric-Loaded Plasmonic Waveguide-Based Power Splitter and Ring Resonator: Compact Size and High Optical Performance for Nanophotonic Circuits

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The key challenge of the plasmonic waveguide is to achieve simultaneously both the long propagation length and high confinement. The hybrid dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguide consists of a SiO2 stripe sandwiched between a Si-nanowire and a silver film and thus promises as a best candidate to overcome this challenge. We propose to exploit this unique property of this structure to design different high-efficient silicon-based plasmonic components including waveguide, power splitter, and wavelength-selective ring resonator. As a result, the proposed power splitter with a waveguide cross section (λ 2/60) and a strong mode confinement area (~λ 2/240) features a low power transmission loss (<0.4 dB) at the optimal arm length of 4 μm with respect to different separation distances of output arms. Moreover, we also demonstrate that a plasmonic ring resonator with a compact ring radius of 2 μm may achieve high optical performance such as high-extinction ratio of 30 dB, large free spectral range of 67 nm, and small bandwidth of 0.6 nm. These superior performances make them promising building blocks for integrated nanophotonic circuits.