, Volume 84, Issue 2, pp 539-541
Date: 18 Jul 2009

Letter to the Editor: A global comment on scientific publications, productivity, people, and beer

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To the Editor,

Success is important. We choose to spend our limited time, effort, or resources on a variety of activities from professional to personal and these pursuits need not be mutually exclusive. A recent scientometrically-based publication on this topic for academics argues that beer consumption is negatively relatively to productivity (Grim 2008). Scientometrics readers are certainly cognizant that individual academic success is currently measured using total number of publications or citations (or some metric thereof), and similarly in ecology and evolution, we use both (Adam 2002; Grace 2007; Hirsch 2005). Hence, any factor which influences this currency—however potentially spurious such as beer consumption—should be inspected. Here, I briefly explore the relationship anew between beer and alcohol consumption but at a global scale and test whether the importance of wealth has changed since previous analyses a number of years ago.

The scientific productivity and wealth of nati ...