, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 199-201
Date: 30 Sep 2004

David N. Snowden, Elizabeth F. Churchill and Emmanuel Frécon (eds): Inhabited information spaces: living with your data CSCW series

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Computer supported co-operative working (CSCW) had been a productive area for joint research and publications before it came to be regarded as a routine facility. Indeed, one of the challenges for the CSCW series, published by Springer-Verlag, has been to publish considered accounts of research before commercial systems have been rolled out, such has been the pace of developments.

The term “inhabited information spaces” derives from work being carried out in a number of European research initiatives, which laid out an agenda whereby virtual reality and information visualization technologies were explicitly combined in support of co-located and remote collaborative working. Thus, in inhabited information spaces, both information and people who are using their information (viewing it, manipulating it) are represented. This supports collaborative action on objects, provides awareness of others’ ongoing activities, and offers a view of information in the culture of its use. The systems are ...