, Volume 64, Issue 8, pp 1150-1155

Octadecatrienoic fatty acid isomers of partially hydrogenated soybean oil

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The octadecatrienoic fatty acids of partially hydrogenated soybean oil (PHSBO) were concentrated, isolated and analyzed. The results indicated that the 18:3 acids present in PHSBO are composed of four isomers. The isomer present in the largest amount (2.7%) is the allcis isomer, c9,c12,c15-18:3 linolenic acid, and comprises 68.60% of all the isomeric 18:3 acids of PHSBO.

The remaining three 18:3 isomers found were t9,t12,c15-,t9,c12,c15-and c9,c12,t15-18:3, which in total accounted for 1.2% of the total fatty acids of PHSBO.