, Volume 32, Issue 12, pp 1337-1344

Effects of meal composition on gallbladder and gastric emptying in man

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Cholecystogastric scintigraphy, utilizing [99mTc]HlDA to label the gallbladder contents and [111In]DTPA to label different meals, was utilized to determine the relationships between gallbladder and gastric emptying after meals of differing composition. Gallbladder emptying was determined in response to a multicomponent meal and to monocomponent fat, carbohydrate, and protein meals and in response to isotonic and hypertonic dextrose and isotonic and hypertonic saline. Also, the gallbladder emptying responses to equivalent multicomponent solid and liquid meals were compared. Significant gallbladder emptying was observed in response to the multicomponent meal and the monocomponent fat, carbohydrate, and protein meals. The most rapid and complete gallbladder emptying was seen with the multicomponent meal and the monocomponent fat meal. Significant gallbladder emptying was stimulated, not only by isotonic and hypertonic dextrose, but also by hypertonic saline. The gallbladder emptied more rapidly after a liquid than after a solid meal.