, Volume 332, Issue 4, pp 302-312

The isolated frog skin epithelium: Permeability characteristics and responsiveness to oxytocin, cyclic AMP and theophylline

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The combined treatment of the frog skin with collagenase and hydrostatic pressure enables complete separation of the epithelial layer from the supporting dermis. The separation entirely preserves the epithelium's passive permeability and active sodium transport capacity. The short circuit current, d.c. resistance, unidirectional fluxes of Na+ and Cl ions, and osmotic water permeability were found identical on series of isolated epitheliums and intact skins obtained from the same groups of animals. Furthermore, the isolated epithelium is fully responsive to oxytocin, cyclic AMP and theophylline—three agents known to enhance active sodium transport and water permeability of the intact skin.