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Gene Nomenclature System for Rice

  • Susan R. McCouchAffiliated withDepartment of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cornell University Email author 
  • , CGSNL (Committee on Gene Symbolization, Nomenclature and Linkage, Rice Genetics Cooperative)Affiliated withInternational Rice Research Institute (IRRI)


The Committee on Gene Symbolization, Nomenclature and Linkage (CGSNL) of the Rice Genetics Cooperative has revised the gene nomenclature system for rice (Oryza) to take advantage of the completion of the rice genome sequence and the emergence of new methods for detecting, characterizing, and describing genes in the biological community. This paper outlines a set of standard procedures for describing genes based on DNA, RNA, and protein sequence information that have been annotated and mapped on the sequenced genome assemblies, as well as those determined by biochemical characterization and/or phenotype characterization by way of forward genetics. With these revisions, we enhance the potential for structural, functional, and evolutionary comparisons across organisms and seek to harmonize the rice gene nomenclature system with that of other model organisms. Newly identified rice genes can now be registered on-line at http://​shigen.​lab.​nig.​ac.​jp/​rice/​oryzabase_​submission/​gene_​nomenclature/​.


Oryza sativa Genome sequencing Gene symbolization