, Volume 69, Issue 4, pp 321-335
Date: 20 Nov 2012

Analysis of annual cyclic variations in total ozone column over Indian region

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Annual Cyclic Variations (ACV) in the Total Ozone Column (TOC) were estimated in latitudinally averaged Multi Sensor Reanalysis (MSR) monthly mean TOC time-series data-set from Jan 1979 to Dec 2008 for Indian region. The TOC contents over any latitude is controlled by the photochemistry and dynamics present in different regions of the stratosphere and troposphere, correlation between ACV in TOC, and ACV in other climatic and dynamical factors—(i) Solar Insolation on a horizontal surface at the top of the atmosphere (ETSI); (ii) Zonal Wind at 30 hPa pressure level (ZW); (iii) Meridional Wind at 30 hPa pressure level (MW); and (iv) Air Temperature at 30 hPa pressure level (AT)—were taken into account to understand their role in the annual cyclic variability present in the TOC over Indian region. Contributions of ACV present in these climatic and dynamical factors to the ACV in TOC were ascertained by performing a multiple linear regression analysis by taking ACV in ETSI, ACV in ZW and ACV in AT as independent variables (co-variates) for ACV in TOC. It is concluded that in the tropical part of Indian region ACV in TOC is largely controlled by the photochemistry; whereas in the subtropical part of the region, the dynamics present in the stratosphere mainly decides ACV in TOC.