, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp 131-139

Interferometer for Eardrum Shape Measurement, Based on Projection of Straight Line Rulings

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. Shape and deformation measurements of the eardrum are important both in fundamental and in clinical research on the function of the middle ear mechanics. We have developed an apparatus which allows high resolution full field shape measurements of the tympanic membrane. The method is based on Moiré topography, and makes use of the interference between the image of a straight line ruling and its image which is deformed by projecting it on to the object surface. Within a few seconds, our non-contacting method yields a full-field quantitative measurement of the eardrum shape on a matrix of 512 by 512 points, with a height resolution of 15 µm.

Paper received 12 May 1999; accepted after revision 4 October 1999.