, Volume 26, Issue 3, p 569
Date: 13 Apr 2007

Discovery of an introduced Banggai Cardinalfish population in Palu Bay, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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The Banggai Cardinalfish Pterapogon kauderni (Koumans, 1933) is a paternal mouthbrooding apogonid with direct development, whose natural distribution is limited to the Banggai Archipelago in Central Sulawesi and a few nearby islands (Vagelli and Erdmann 2002). Much in demand by aquarium hobbyists, the species is traded internationally in large numbers, a fact which has led to a proposal to list the species in CITES Appendix II. Populations outside the endemic area have been reported, seemingly as a result of releases by traders, in Lembeh Straits (Erdmann and Vagelli 2001), Luwuk (Vagelli and Erdmann 2002) and Tumbak (Moore and Ndobe 2005).

In October 2006, a further population was discovered at Mamboro in Palu Bay, on the opposite side of the island of Sulawesi, approximately 440 km to the west of the Banggai Archipelago. Observations have since been made on several occasions, including transect data and visual records. Conditions in Palu Bay differ from those in the Banggai Islands, t ...