, 2010:85,
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Date: 25 Oct 2010

Dimension-six terms in the Standard Model Lagrangian


When the Standard Model is considered as an effective low-energy theory, higher dimensional interaction terms appear in the Lagrangian. Dimension-six terms have been enumerated in the classical article by Buchmüller and Wyler [3]. Although redundance of some of those operators has been already noted in the literature, no updated complete list has been published to date. Here we perform their classification once again from the outset. Assuming baryon number conservation, we find 15 + 19 + 25 = 59 independent operators (barring flavour structure and Hermitian conjugations), as compared to 16 + 35 + 29 = 80 in ref. [3]. The three summed numbers refer to operators containing 0, 2 and 4 fermion fields. If the assumption of baryon number conservation is relaxed, 5 new operators arise in the four-fermion sector.

ArXiv ePrint: 1008.4884v2
This paper is based on the MSc thesis of the second author.