, 2012:39,
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Date: 06 Jun 2012

Search for charged Higgs bosons decaying via H ± → τν in \( t\overline t \) events using pp collision data at \( \sqrt {s} = 7\;TeV \) with the ATLAS detector


The results of a search for charged Higgs bosons are presented. The analysis is based on 4.6fb−1 of proton-proton collision data at \( \sqrt {s} = 7\;TeV \) collected by the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider, using top quark pair events with a τ lepton in the final state. The data are consistent with the expected background from Standard Model processes. Assuming that the branching ratio of the charged Higgs boson to a τ lepton and a neutrino is 100 %, this leads to upper limits on the branching ratio of top quark decays to abquarkandachargedHiggsbosonbetween5%and1%forchargedHiggsbosonmasses ranging from 90 GeV to 160 GeV, respectively. In the context of the \( m_h^{\max } \) scenario of the MSSM, tan β above 12-26, as well as between 1 and 2-6, can be excluded for charged Higgs boson masses between 90 GeV and 150 GeV.

Deceased (E. Arik, A. Bogouch, C. Caso, R. Dobinson, Y. Doi, B. A. Dolgoshein, S. W. O’Neale, J. A. Strong, I. Stumer, M. Virchaux, V. V. Zmouchko)