, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 37-42

Coloration of poly(lactic acid) with disperse dyes. II. Dyeing characteristics and color fastness

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In Part 1 of this study, the dyeability, color shade, wash, light fastness and compatibility of homogeneous disperse dyes on PLA fabric and PET fabric were reported. The present paper (Part 2) focuses on the application of commercial disperse dyes to PLA fabric. Specific areas of investigation are the coloration properties of dyes originally intended for the production of high lightfastness polyester fabrics or for application to cellulose diacetate. The compatibility of the eight members of the dye set was investigated. In terms of lightfastness, the ratings were higher than that of conventional disperse dyes. In addition, the use of dye combinations to achieve synergistic uptake on PLA was explored leading to the pronounced synergism with a mixture of CI Disperse Blue 374 and 284.