Combined Staged Telo-Velar and Trans-Choroidal Approach to a Tumor of the Sylvian Aqueduct

Interhemispheric Dissection and Callosotomy

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In this segment, the interhemisperic fissure is dissected, corpus callosum is identified with pericallosal arteries, callosotomy is performed, and foramen of Monro is identified into the right lateral ventricle.


  • Interhemispheric fissure
  • Gyrus cingoli
  • Callosomarginal artery
  • Pericallosal artery
  • Falx
  • Pericallosal cistern
  • Callosotomy
  • Septum Pellucidum
  • Foramen of Monro

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Nicola Onorini
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17 May 2019
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