Animating and Creating 3D Objects in After Effects

Creating a Glow Effect

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This video segment demonstrates creating a solid layer, applying a Gradient Ramp effect, and adjusting the parameters of the effect to that layer.


  • create
  • layer
  • glow
  • effects
  • masking
  • Gradient Ramp
  • blend modes

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Jeff Shaffer
First online
14 March 2019
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Video Transcript

One more layer I’m going to add before we move on to the next segment. I’m going to add another solid layer. This is going to be a Blue Glow, we’ll call it.

We’re going to start with black, make it Comp size, and then we’re going to put an effect on it which is the Gradient Ramp effect. Here it is under Generate. I’m going to put that onto my Blue Glow layer, and drag and drop it onto there. And since I’ve got two solid layers now and they both have a red layer label, I’m going to right-click on that and I’m going to make that one blue so it’s easy to distinguish the Blue Glow.

So this one has some settings also for Gradient Ramp that we want to use. And the start of Ramp is going to be at 733 pixels. And the start color is going to be a dark blue. So we’re going to be somewhere in this vicinity here. Dark blue.

If you want the exact color I used here, you could do this, it doesn’t have to be. But it’s 31, 20, and 230 in RGB. The end color is black.

You can see what’s happening there. The end of Ramp is at 960 1080. The Ramp shape is going to be a Radial Ramp.

So now you see it’s going out from the center, more of a glow there. And we’re going to have it Ramp Scatter at 4.2, and Blend with Original of 45%. So there we have that. This is above the Blue Glow star field.

So right now it’s kind of covering it up. I need to change the Blend Mode here. If I go to, say, Multiply, that will show some of the stars, but they’d look kind of dark.

So I need to go to something more like Screen. And then I can see the Blue Glow and my stars. So if I were to Render this, now we can see where our sphere is and so on. That’s the first major steps towards getting our composition together here in After Effects.