Getting Started with Apple Watch Development

How to Create an App Project

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In this segment, you will learn how to launch Xcode and start to build your first WatchKit app. Using the iOS App with WatchKit app builder, you’ll get to build an single app that can integrate across multiple Apple devices.


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06 April 2019
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Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to create your first Apple Watch project in Xcode. So, again, launch Xcode by clicking the Xcode icon whether it’s stored in your dock or your file system. And on the left-hand side of the opening pane, you’ll see the option to create a new Xcode project.

Now, if this opening pane is not here, you can always go to the Menu bar, click File– New– and click on Project. But we’ll just go with this setup for now.

So click on that. And once this is open, you should see a menu with a blank Xcode screen in the back. So in the menu, you have the option to create multiple OS projects. In our case, we are focusing on Apple Watch projects.

So you have three different options here. You have a Watch framework if you want to develop a framework for the Apple Watch OS or a static library for others to use. But in our case, we are going to be creating an iOS app with a WatchKit app. And what this actually does is it creates a single-view application, and it creates a WatchKit application project with it. So you really get both of the templates for the project.

So just click on this icon. Click Next. And now you can type in whatever you want to name your project. So I will just call this My First Project. You can click whatever team you want. Even if you don’t have your team set up, you can hit None, and it should work fine.

You can type in whatever organization name you want. In my case, it’s the name of my system. And your Organization Identifier– you can just put Com. It doesn’t really matter what you put as long as you put something.

This entire series is going to be using the Swift programming language, so make sure to have that checked. We won’t be using Objective-C. And these four options are different scenes and test frameworks that you can include with your application.

Now, in our first step, we won’t be using any of these scenes, but in future videos, we will be talking about complications and how to also create notification scenes. So hit Next. And you can choose to save it wherever in your file system, and you don’t have to create a Git repository for now.

So once you create the application, this window should pop up. And now you can see all of your App settings, your capabilities. And you can see that the WatchKit app was created, and the pairing iOS app was created with it. Thank you.