Getting Started with Apple Watch Development

Setting Up the Development Environment

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In this video segment, you will discover more about the hardware and software you will need in order to follow along and set up your development environment.


  • Prerequisites
  • requirements
  • background
  • watchkit
  • Apple Watch
  • mac osx
  • cocoa
  • unix

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06 April 2019
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Video Transcript

In this section, we will go over the prerequisites and setup required to develop Apple Watch applications. The first requirement is having a Mac or MacBook that is capable of running macOS. This will allow you to both download and install the Xcode software development tool that you will need to develop Apple Watch applications. This tool is what you will be writing all of your coding, and it provides a simulator to run and test your Apple Watch application. So you don’t actually need a physical device.

So after you’ve installed Xcode, just double click the icon for Xcode and launch it. Once Xcode is launched, in the top left hand corner you should see a file menu that says Xcode, File, Edit, View. You want to click on Xcode.

Click on Preferences, the third one down. And once Preference is open, you’ll see another menu over here that allows you to set up different accounts, behaviors, and navigation. But what we want to do is we want to install both the iOS and watchOS simulators.

So if you go to Components, which is the third one from the right– click on Components– you should see all of our available simulators. In our case, we want to download the iOS 12 simulator or whatever the latest simulator that is available and also download the watchOS simulator. And again, download the latest one that is available. In this case, it’s five. And you can download it, by just clicking the icon to the left of the text.