Animating and Creating 3D Objects in After Effects

Animating Lens Flare Effects Layers

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This video segment demonstrates creating multiple solid layers, adding a Lens Flare effect to those layers, changing its Blending mode, duplicating, modifying keyframes and parameters.


  • Animating
  • effects
  • solid
  • layer
  • Lens Flare
  • trimming
  • duplicating
  • blending modes
  • Screen

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Jeff Shaffer
First online
14 March 2019
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Video Transcript

All right. We’ve created glows at the blast points, right at the markers. I’m going to go to start again at 1015, that marker there. And now I’m going to create a lens flare effect. I’ll make a new solid to begin. That solid will be black. This is going to be called lens flare comp size.

The effect I want is lens flare, so type in the word “lens,” as I’ve already done here. Drag and drop it onto that layer. Lens flare is created. Going to bring that to the top right here. And I’m going to change its blend mode to screen so I can see where it ends up. And there it is in position.

And this very first one, of course, I want to coincide with this blast. So I’m going to move its position over so that it’s right-centered in the blast as you can see there. And I’m going to make some adjustments on the parameters for the lens flare.

So the first adjustment I’m going to make is going to be the brightness of 115. I’m going to change the lens type to 35 millimeter prime, which will give a different character to the lens flare as you can see there. The blend with original will have an effect on the result. So I’m going to go to 19– I’ll do 19%, 19 or 20. That’s fine.

And then I’m going to scale it up. So I’m going to hit the S key to increase the scale here. And I need to scale it up so that it fills the frame there nicely. So that’s at least 123%. You could go maybe a little more if you wish. All right.

So the flare brightness at that point where the actual blast is, I’m going to keyframe that. And I’m going to go over a couple of frames. I can do Command or Control Right Arrow, go forward a couple of frames. And I’m going to go all the way to 1023. And I’m going to change the flare brightness there down to 0.

So let’s take a look. Scrub back and forth. There it’s bright. And it’ll fade off. Let’s go to a quarter to do a quick [INAUDIBLE] preview of that. There, you can see the effect.

So I’ve created that. I’m going to trim that at the same spot as the others there. So I’m at 1012. Remember, I can Option Left Bracket to trim or I could drag inwards to trim. Either way works depending on which version of After Effects you have.

So now that I’ve created this, I’m going to twirl this up. And I’m going to duplicate this one, two, three more times. So Command or Control-D, Command or Control-D, Command or Control-D. All right. So I have all of these lens flares. Obviously, they’re stacking up on top of each other.

So I need to go to my next marker. And I will take one of these duplicate ones. Here’s the first one. We’ll call this one lens flare 2, call this one lens flare 3– lens flare 3– and this one lens flare 4. All right.