Advanced Scenarios in Azure Functions

VSCode and Azure Functions

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This video segment provides an overview of what Visual Studio code lets you do with Azure Functions.


  • Azure
  • Azure Functions
  • Visual Studio Code
  • VSCode

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Sahil Malik
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20 December 2019
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: Next let’s talk about the various features that you can use with VSCode when authoring Azure Functions. You can use VSCode to author Azure Functions in multiple languages. And author, I used the word loosely because you can debug, you can deploy, you can basically manage Azure Functions right through VSCode. The best part, it works on Mac, Windows and Linux. So what will I be talking about here? I’ll be talking about the authoring experience. I’ll walk you through the general setup I’ve done on my VSCode instance. It’s very quick and easy. And then we’ll quickly write an Azure Function and see what it looks like. Then I’ll talk about the development and debugging experience, followed by the deployment experience right to the Azure Portal from VSCode.