Advanced Scenarios in Azure Functions

What to Know

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This video segment provides knowledge and background necessary before you take this course.


  • Azure Functions
  • Azure

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Sahil Malik
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20 December 2019
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: Starting with what you should know, what knowledge should you already have so you get the most value out of this course? Well, you must be a developer. Suffice to say this course is aimed at developers, so you need to be one. Secondly I’m not going to go over the basics of Azure Functions. I have other courses online where I talk about that. I hope you know what an Azure Function is and you’ve played with it already. I won’t be showing you how to create a function app in the Azure Portal or creating a basic vanilla Azure Function. This course is about the more advanced topic, so I hope you have a general familiarity with Azure Functions. You should also be familiar with the language that Azure Functions support. I’ll be restricting myself to C# and JavaScript. However, you’re welcome to follow me in any other language that Azure Functions support.