Advanced Scenarios in Azure Functions

CMD or Powershell

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This video segment shows how to access and use terminal and PowerShell in Azure functions.


  • Azure Functions
  • Azure
  • Development
  • Terminal
  • Powershell

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Sahil Malik
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20 December 2019
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: Let’s start by looking at the terminal prompt or command or PowerShell experience for Azure Functions. When you’re inside the Azure Portal and you have your function app in front of you, go ahead and click on the function app and under the development tools area, you will see a thing called Command/PowerShell. This is under platform features, not under overview. So let’s go back down here, Command or PowerShell. Simply click on this. And you will see another tab open up where it gives you a prompt. This is HTML but it is a proper prompt. And I can type “dir” over here and it shows me my file contents. And I can say type host.json, hit enter and it writes out the contents of my host.json. At this point, I am on the file system of my runtime. And if I want to use PowerShell instead, simply click this button here and it turns it into PowerShell. Isn’t that amazing?