Get Real-Time Location in Android Studio Obtaining Location Coordinates Based on GPS Data

  • Tihomir Radev

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This is very simple but useful skill for every Android developer to learn how to get GPS data and display it in its proper format. Based on this knowledge, the developer can create tracking apps and other useful location based apps.

Viewers of this video course will learn how to create a basic Android Studio project for Android, reach the GPS module on the device, get location permission, and display the coordinates in proper format on the screen.

The video also includes a map so viewers can see not only coordinates but a location on the map too. This is one more amazing skill for the developers.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set up the project

  • How to create the use interface

  • How to create the code for the user interface

  • How to write the main logic for getting the location and formatting the data

Who This Video Is For

People with more advanced skills in Android Studio and Java are the main audience, but the video will be useful for total beginners as well.

This video course will teach viewers how to create a basic Android Studio project for Android and reach the GPS module on the device.

About The Author

Tihomir Radev

Tihomir Radev is a freelance mobile app developer operating in Bulgaria. He has years of experience as an independent developer and has contributed to corporate and industry projects. He also has indie projects of his own available on the Google Play and App stores. Tihomir creates Android Studio and Xcode tutorials on YouTube in addition to his development work to give back to the development community.


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Video Transcript


Hello, my name is Tihomir Radev. I’m going to show you how to use the GPS on your device to show the current location to the user. First, we will start with creating the empty Android Studio project. Then, we will add the location permission in the app, create the design of the app, and add the GPS interface helper.

Then, in the main app screen, we will implement the functions from our interface and then ask the user to give the location permission. Then I will show you how to get the current coordinates and show them on the screen. Since the coordinates are in raw format from the GPS model on the device, I’ll show you how to format them properly in readable format. And finally, we will show everything on the screen, test the app, and fix some bugs.