Build Interactive Dashboards Using Highcharts with Angular Create Stunning Animated Interactive Charts for Modern Browsers

  • Sourabh Mishra

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Learn to create stunning animated and interactive charts using Highcharts and Angular. Along the way you will develop smooth dashboards that will work in all modern browsers. You will see how to use Highcharts to call backend services for data and easily construct real-time data dashboards.

This video course provides the best solutions for real-time challenges and covers a wide range of charts including line, area, deviation, Gauge, stacked bar, scatter plot, and 3D charts. Highcharts is one of the most useful products for developing charting on the web and Angular is well known for speed. Using Highcharts with Angular, you can build fast, interactive dashboards. Get up to speed using this video course today.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop interactive, animated dashboards

  • Implement Highcharts using Angular

  • Use and export different chart types

  • Create interactive styling themes and colors for a dashboard

Who This Video Is For

Developers who are already familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This video shows you how to build interactive dashboards using Highcharts with Angular to create stunning animated and interactive charts.

About The Author

Sourabh Mishra

Sourabh Mishra is an entrepreneur, developer, speaker, author, corporate trainer, and animator. He is a Microsoft guy; he is very passionate about Microsoft technologies and a true .NET warrior. Sourabh started his career when he was just 15 years old. He’s loved computers from childhood. His programming experience includes C/C++, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WCF, SQL Server, Entity Framework, MVC, Web API, Azure, jQuery, Highcharts, and Angular. Sourabh has been awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status. He has the zeal to learn new technologies, sharing his knowledge on several online community forums. He is a founder of IECE Digital and Sourabh Mishra Notes, an online knowledge-sharing platform. You can find him on Twitter @sourabh_mishra1.


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Sourabh Mishra
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Sourabh Mishra, and welcome to my course, Build Interactive Dashboard using Highcharts with Angular. I am founder of and IECE Digital. A technology knowledge-sharing platform where you can learn new technologies very easily. You can follow me on below social media links.

I’m running YouTube channel called Sourabh Mishra Notes where you can subscribe to my channel and get latest technology update frequently. You can catch me on my social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, which is Sourabh of Mishra Notes. You can follow me on Twitter also.

I am an Apress author. I am the author of Practical Highcharts with Angular book published by Apress. Here you can learn advanced feature of Highcharts, basics of Angular, connecting Highcharts with Angular, working on real-life application with webAPI, and Angular using Highcharts. In this book, you will create one real life stock market application and build your interactive dashboard.

First of all, thank you for picking up this course. I assume that you probably have a strong interest in developing a stunning and interactive dashboard for your web product. Nowadays, charting is used in education, health care, entertainment, the stock market, sports, and real estate sector to analyze their data. Highcharts is built on top of more JavaScript frameworks like jQUERY and Angular.

High chars enable developers to easily construct charts that will work in all modern browsers with pure knowledge of external sources and JavaScript. How this course is designed, this course is based on practical demo based learning. Here, we define this training in four modules. In the first module will discuss about introduction, about Highcharts– like how high chart is working– and its concept.

What we’ll do, we’ll talk about introduction to Angular and how you can connect Highcharts with Angular. Module 3, we’ll discuss about charts like line, area, a scatter graph, a stacked chart, et cetera. Module 4 is designed for some advanced charts like histogram, deviation, gauge, 3D charting, and exporting.

So let us start the journey of the course, Build Interactive Dashboard using Highcharts with Angular.