Introduction to Blockchain for Azure Developers Understanding the Basic Foundations of Blockchain

  • Stefano Tempesta

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Understand the foundations of blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and learn the importance of blockchain for software developers in Microsoft Azure Cloud. This video introduces the basic concepts of cryptography used in blockchain and focuses on describing the popular blockchain platform Ethereum and how it is different from Bitcoin. It discusses the structure of a transaction, the cryptographic security involved, the prevention of double spending, and the consensus mechanism. Moving forward, you will go through examples of the architecture designs of blockchain solutions built on Azure along with common integration patterns in Azure Blockchain Workbench and the Blockchain API. Finally, you will see practical use cases of blockchain in the real world, including finance and capital investment markets, government, education, healthcare, supply chain, and energy.

What You Will Learn

  • Get a firm foundation of knowledge of blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

  • Leverage Microsoft Azure Cloud as a delivery platform

  • Discover the Blockchain API

Who This Video Is For

Azure developers and anyone with an interest in blockchain.

After watching the video, you will be able to understand how blockchain works. You will also discover how blockchain can help optimize business processes and reduce operating costs, with practical implementations using the Azure cloud as the delivery platform.

About The Author

Stefano Tempesta

Stefano Tempesta is one of only 150 of the world’s top technology visionaries given the title of Microsoft Regional Director by Microsoft specifically for their proven cross-platform expertise, community leadership, and commitment to business results.

He is also the only double Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) in the AI and Business Applications categories. Stefano is a certified Blockchain Council Member and a certified Blockchain Expert as awarded by the Blockchain Council. He has written various blogs and presented at various conferences all over the globe on blockchain technology and strategies.


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Video Transcript


Hello, and welcome to these video calls about blockchain for Azure developers. My name is Stefano Tempesta. I’m a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP.

In this video course I am presenting an overview of the blockchain technology in Azure. And then more in detail we’ll look into tools, and best practices, architectural references for building a blockchain smart contract in application in the Azure network. We’ll look specifically into Azure Blockchain Workbench and its architectural reference; how Blockchain Workbench integrates with the rest of the Azure platform; the integration patterns for on and off chain data access; how we can consume the API exposed by Workbench itself; and, at the end, specific real world use cases of application of the blockchain technology to the enterprise.

We’ll focus mainly on decentralized digital identities, on supply chain, and on electronic signature– everything deployed on the Azure Cloud.