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  • Adam Sinicki

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Discover how to write for the web: either for your own brand or as a service that you provide to others. This video will include how to write a blog post, how to write website copy, how to write a persuasive sales script, and how to write SEO articles.

The focus will always be on providing value and on understanding the value proposition of the brand that you are writing for. From there, you will look at methods you can use to grab attention, communicate clearly, keep the reader engaged and to encourage an emotional response. You’ll cover the importance of content marketing for exposure as well as building trust, and just why writing is in many ways the currency of the web.

Content is what brings the vast majority of people to a website. They search Google for content, they return to a website because they enjoyed the content. It is also what sells a product – and simply by improving a sales script, a company can massively increase conversions. Companies that don’t understand how to write for the web will therefore be at a massive disadvantage. This is common to see: we all have encountered countless business sites with muddled messages that fail to explain what the company actually does and why the reader should care.

What You Will Learn

  • Study methods you can use to increase engagement and grab attention

  • Understand the role of content and content marketing

  • Write content for email, white papers, press releases, and more

Who This Video is For

Businesses that are currently failing to make a splash with their websites and social media, or that could be doing better. Anyone looking to increase sales of a product, to increase regular visitors to a blog, or to learn a valuable skill they can sell/use to augment a web development business.

About The Author

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki is a writer, programmer, and presenter living in Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK where he spends a lot of his time on his laptop in the local coffee shops. He has been working on a freelance basis as a programmer and SEO writer for the past eight years under the company name NQR Productions. He currently spends time as a blogger and YouTube presenter at Android Authority, where he covers phone reviews as well as development content. Adam has also found success with numerous other projects, including his own Android app Multiscreen Multitasking, which had over 30,000 paid downloads across its various iterations and came as preloaded software on over 60,000 handsets in India. He also provided the code for Coldfusion’s Voxis Launcher.

If you would like to read more of Adam’s work, he also discusses tech, online business, and his other passions for fitness, psychology, and self-development at his blog, The Bioneer, and on his Bioneer YouTube channel. The latter now has over 50,000 subscribers. You can also find him as The Bioneer on Instagram and Twitter. When Adam is not working, he enjoys reading comics, working out, playing video games, and relaxing at home with his wife Hannah.


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Video Transcript

My name’s Adam Sinicki and I’ve been running several online businesses now for over 10 years. That includes The Bioneer, my own YouTube channel, which now has over 75,000 subscribers. I’m also an author of Thriving in the Gig Economy with Apress media.

I’m a copywriter who provides blog posts, website copy, and much more for hundreds and hundreds of different clients. And I’m a presenter over at Android authority.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create writing that thrives on the web. That means writing that engages your audience, that helps you to sell a product, that helps you to gain prominence on Google, and that helps you to inspire trust and authority. In many ways, content is what makes the web go round. And so by learning these skills, you’ll be in a much better position to sell your products, promote yourself online, and much more.

Throughout this course, you’re going to be learning how to create amazing written content that serves a unique purpose for online marketing. Collectively, this is known as content marketing, the process of using the written word to bring people to your website. To keep them coming back to build confidence, and to build trust in you as an individual, or a brand. And ultimately, to convert leads.

To this end, we’ll be learning about types of content and web writing techniques that cover each step in the process. By the end, you’ll be able to handle all forms of web writing for yourself or for a client.

First you’ll learn how to write well generally. That means adhering to style guides, being efficient with your choice of vocabulary, and drawing the reader in. Then you’ll learn how to apply SEO techniques. This means optimizing your content for search engines to help people find your writing in the first place. Then you’ll learn how to make your content shareable, meaning that growth can become exponential as readers go on to share what they find with their broader networks.

Next is persuasive writing. This is how you capitalize on all that hard work by turning that trust and loyalty into sales. And finally, you’ll learn about some other forms of web writing that can be used as part of a content marketing campaign also. White papers, press releases, and the like.

Once you’ve mastered these basics, it’s down to you to post content regularly to a blog, and to share it to relevant channels. Consistency is really important. By doing this– and ensuring it’s engaging in SEO optimized– you’ll gradually start drawing more people to your site, creating more and more inroads and ways for targeted readers with shared interests to discover you.

Key is to always focus on providing value. You need to give your readers a real reason to come back to your site regularly, and to turn to you for advice, information, or entertainment on any given subject. Better yet, you want them to love your content so much that they share it, comment, and even provide you with free marketing.

You’re aiming to turn strangers, into readers, into followers, into fans. Once you have that trust, yours will be the first brand those fans turn to when they need a product or a service that you provide.

And that is content marketing in a nutshell. But first, we need to learn how to write for the web.