Getting Started with Apple Watch Development Swift Programming for watchOS

  • Ravin Sardal

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Create your own Apple Watch applications. Start by learning the basics of Xcode. Then familiarize yourself with Swift, the programming language used for Apple application development. Step-by-step instructions teach you how you will be prepared to independently navigate and utilize Apple’s development toolkit and Xcode program and write functional code in Swift. Viewers can expect to engineer their own basic Apple Watch applications.

What You’ll Learn

  • Create several basic Apple Watch applications using Apple’s Swift programming language.

  • Download and understand the essential elements of Xcode

  • Follow an example app to see just how apps are built

Who This Video Is For

Beginners who have little or no exposure to programming. The course stresses explaining industry jargon, navigating several components of Xcode, and introducing important Swift commands.

About the Author

Ravin Sardal

Ravin Sardal has over 7 years of experience in developing high-quality iOS applications using Objective C and Swift. He has published two iOS apps in the app store. And he has worked with Watch Kit since the day it was announced. He even had a chance to attend a private Apple event to try out the Apple Watch before it was released to the general public. Ravin also runs a successful YouTube channel on which I create Apple Watch development tutorials.


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Ravin Sardal
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Video Transcript

This video series aims to educate you on the process of creating your own Apple Watch application. The first thing you’ll learn is how to set up and use the Xcode software development tool. Then you will learn how to use the Swift programming language to develop Apple Watch applications. Then, finally, I will teach you how to use core Watch OS features that you will use throughout Apple Watch development.