iOS Device Group Management Deploy and configure apps with SimpleMDM

  • Eric Butow

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Configure management profiles using Apple and SimpleMDM tools as discussed in the book Pro iOS Security and Forensics. You will gain a broad overview of SimpleMDM, which is a simple but full-featured MDM (mobile device manager) that allows network administrators to manage their companies’ iPhones and iPads.

After watching this video, you will be able to assign administrative roles, manage app configurations, and create custom profiles. You’ll also learn to create and work with group-level accounts and lock employees’ devices to use only approved apps. This video will provide all the basic information you need to keep employees’ devices safe and on task.

This video has been written and produced by Eric Butow, with narration provided by Ann MacPhail.

What You Will Learn

  • Set up two-factor authentication

  • Apply configuration profiles to user devices

  • Create webhook events

Who This Video Is For

Experienced iPhone and iPad managers who want to learn how to perform advanced tasks using SimpleMDM. If the viewer doesn’t have SimpleMDM, they can still use the concepts presented to apply to their own MDM app. The video presumes that people have already read the book Pro iOS Security and Forensics or are already experienced iPhone/iPad administrators.

About The Author

Eric Butow

Eric Butow is the owner and CEO of Butow Communications Group (BCG) in Jackson, California, which offers online marketing ROI improvement services for businesses. He has authored or co-authored 31 books, most recently Blogging to Drive Business, 2nd Edition, Samsung Gear S2 for Dummies, and Instagram for Business for Dummies. He has also developed and taught networking, computing, and usability courses for Ed2Go, Virtual Training Company, California State University-Sacramento, and Udemy.


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Video Transcript

Ann MacPhail: Welcome to iOS Device Group Management. This video tutorial is written and produced by Eric Butow. Author of the Apress Book Pro iOS Security and Forensics and narrated by Ann McPhail.

This video tutorial is divided into six different topics, administrative roles, which talks about setting administrative roles and connecting to third party identity provider apps. Deploying apps and iOS managed app configurations, which discusses configuring apps on your employees’ iPhones and iPads. Using configuration profiles and custom configurations which talks about when one or more employees needs to have a custom configuration profile, how to create a custom profile, and how to apply it to the employees’ iPhone or iPad. Using the API and Webhooks, which shows you how to use the API or Application Programming Interface and Webhooks to configure and manage your employees’ iPhone and iPads. Setting custom attributes for group level accounts and configurations, managed app configurations and custom configuration profiles.

Implementing Single App Lock, which is a feature you can use to force your employees’ iPhone or iPad to use only one app. This video also includes information about how to switch between groups to activate and deactivate Single App Lock, as well as how to update apps with this feature. Each topic video is about ten minutes long.