How To Scale Your Small Business The 3 Fundamental Rules for a Business to Scale to Profit

  • Michael Killen

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This video covers the 3 fundamental laws of scale, which must be answered in order for a business to scale to profit. You’ll learn how to take a single-person, micro business and scale the reach and profitability of the business. If you’re delivering the work to your customers, you can see that there is a limit to the amount of income you can generate. You can either work more hours, or you can increase your prices. You’re probably already working every hour you can. And there is a limit to how much you can charge for your services.

The solution is to scale out your delivery and examine the results you can provide to your audience. Your job becomes to deliver those results through as many scalable mediums as you can.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how you can outsource your work

  • Learn to increase your capacity to handle a 1000 orders tomorrow

  • Study how to repeat your process to deliver results to your customers

Who Is This Video For

This course is for single-person entrepreneurs, consultants, and freelancers.

About The Author

Michael Killen

Michael Killen currently runs his own consultancy, where he coaches businesses on money, scale, finding customers, and making sales. In 2017, Mike sold his first business to a larger media agency. He has background in digital marketing, having worked for a large global corporation as a lead, developing digital marketing strategies for small to medium businesses that fit their business needs.

He has courses, books, a podcast, a blog, a consultancy, a YouTube channel and a regular coaching platform. All run with minimum team members.


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Video Transcript

Mike Killen: Hi there. And thank you for joining me on this course for how to build a scalable business or how to scale your small business. My name is Mike Killen and I’m going to be taking you through this video. This is a six-part process where we’re going to be going through how to scale your business all the way through the creating a scalable product. We’re going to start with why you have to scale and often what prevents people from scaling. We’re going to look at the three laws of scale which are do I have to deliver it? Can I handle 1,000 orders tomorrow? And is the process repeatable. We’re also going to look at creating a scalable product and attracting a larger audience. I wrote the book From Single to Scale because as a small person micro business and entrepreneur, I was sick of exchanging time for money.

And I really struggled to keep up with bill payments and grow my business and yet I was working all the hours that, uh, the week gave me. I really, really struggled with not spending enough time with family and friends. And I found that the more I worked, the unhappier I became. But what I’ve created is a process for you to be able to take your knowledge and take your expertise and deliver it in a way which allows you to go away on holiday and still make money. Allows you to go to bed a reasonable time and still make money. And it means that people who do want to work with you one-on-one can absolutely do that, but they actually would be happier to pay more just for the ability to work with you. So I’ll see you on the first video. Thanks very much for watching and, uh, yeah, let’s get to it.