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Islam and Global Studies series provides a platform for the progression of knowledge through academic exchanges based on multidisciplinary socio-political theory that studies the human condition and human interaction from a global perspective. It publishes monographs and edited volumes that are multidisciplinary and theoretically grounded and that address, in particular, non-state actors, Islamic polity, social and international justice, democracy, geopolitics and global diplomacy. The focus is on the human condition and human interaction at large. Thus cross-national, cross-cultural, minority and identity studies compose the building block of this series; sub-areas of study to which Islamic theory and socio-political praxis can provide an alternative and critical lens of inquiry. It explores Islam in history and in the contemporary world through studies that: 
a) provide comprehensive insights of the intellectual developments that have defined Islam and Muslim societies both in history and in the contemporary world; 
b) delineate connections of pre-colonial Muslim experiences to their responses, adaptations and transformations toward modernity; 
c) evaluate old paradigms and emerging trends that affect Muslims’ experiences in terms of political state system, democracy, secularization, gender, radicalism, media portrayals, etc.; 
d) show empirical cases of intra-Muslim and Muslim–Non-Muslim relations.
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Series Editor
  • Deina Abdelkader,
  • Nassef Manabilang Adiong,
  • Raffaele Mauriello

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