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This series offers a forum to writers concerned that the central presuppositions of the liberal tradition have been severely corroded, neglected, or misappropriated by overly rationalistic and constructivist approaches. 

The hardest-won achievement of the liberal tradition has been the wrestling of epistemic independence from overwhelming concentrations of power, monopolies and capricious zealotries. The very precondition of knowledge is the exploitation of the epistemic virtues accorded by society‚Äôs situated and distributed manifold of spontaneous orders, the DNA of the modern civil condition. 

With the confluence of interest in situated and distributed liberalism emanating from the Scottish tradition, Austrian and behavioral economics, non-Cartesian philosophy and moral psychology, the editors are soliciting proposals that speak to this multidisciplinary constituency. Sole or joint authorship submissions are welcome as are edited collections, broadly theoretical or topical in nature.
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Series Editor
  • David F. Hardwick,
  • Leslie Marsh

Book titles in this series

  1. Redressing Historical Injustice

    Self-Ownership, Property Rights and Economic Equality

    • David Gordon
    • Wanjiru Njoya
    • Copyright: 2023

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