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“Sustainable prosperity” is a holistic notion encompassing the physical, mental, environmental, financial, educational, and civic wellbeing of all individuals, families, neighborhoods, and regions throughout the world. In this sense, sustainable prosperity requires the development of a multifaceted public policy framework addressing the root causes of global, national, and regional socioeconomic challenges. It must guarantee all individuals a decent quality of life with dignity and the opportunity to be a member of an inclusive, participatory, and just society. Sustainable prosperity means that every decision we make, individually or collectively, must take into account its direct and indirect effects on people, on the planet, and on the economy.

Crafting solutions to the complex challenges that confront us in the twenty-first century requires an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of economics, ecology, and ethics. The Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity book series seeks proposals from a broad range of fields that encompass and further this philosophy. We welcome authored works or edited manuscripts that investigate socioeconomic inequality based on class, race, ethnicity, and/or gender, and that promote policies to further sustainable prosperity among marginalized groups. We especially encourage proposals that build on the Job Guarantee approach to full employment, financial sovereignty (functional finance), renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, environmental policies, local community development, local capacity building, social ecology, social venture partnerships, and social entrepreneurship.

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