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Palgrave Macmillan's Global Ethics series seeks to advance research and conversation around a broad array of ethical issues in international and global matters. These may include (but are not limited to) topics such as global governance, human rights, global health disparities, climate change, economic sanctions, food security, civil and transnational conflict, cyber conflict, and migration. Theoretical works that bring out a comparative and/or Global South perspective and those dealing with the legacy of colonialism (decolonial and postcolonial) are also welcome. All work must meet high standards of research and will be subject to peer review.
We are interested in publishing both monographs and edited collections from scholars, practitioners, and those engaged in civil society. Our particular interest is to provide a platform for scholars and practitioners from the Global South; and to host a dialogue involving diverse perspectives on issues of concern to the Global South.
For an informal discussion for a book in the series, please contact the Series Editors Joy Gordon (cgordon3@luc.edu) and Tony Lang (al51@st-andrews.ac.uk), or Palgrave Editor Isobel Cowper-Coles (isobel.cowpercoles@palgrave.com)
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  • Joy Gordon,
  • Anthony F. Lang Jr.

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