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The premise of this series is that the current environmental crisis cannot be solved by technological innovation alone. The environmental challenges we face today are, at their root, political crises involving political values, institutions and struggles for power. Therefore, environmental politics and theory are of the utmost social significance. 

Growing public consciousness of the environmental crisis and its human and more-than-human impacts, exemplified by the worldwide urgency and political activity associated with the problem and consequences of climate and earth system change make it imperative to design and achieve a sustainable and socially just society. 

The series publishes inter- and multi-disciplinary scholarship that extends the theoretical dimensions of green political theory, international relations, philosophy, and earth system governance. It addresses the need for social change away from the hegemonic consumer capitalist society to realize environmental sustainability and social justice.

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Series Editor
  • Joel Jay Kassiola,
  • Anthony Burke

Book titles in this series

  1. The Aarhus Convention

    Towards Environmental Solidarisation

    • Duncan Weaver
    • Copyright: 2023

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