About this book series

Since its inception in the year 2011, the Humanism in Business book Series is brought to you by a dedicated editorial board representing the Humanistic Management Network (www.humanisticmanagement.network). The Humanistic Management Network is a global network registered as a Swiss association that lives, works and acts through chapters and collaborations in many countries around the globe. Its purpose is to encourage, promote and support economic activities and business conduct that demonstrate unconditional respect for the dignity of life.
Following the purpose of the Humanistic Management Network this book series serves to enhance and consolidate the body of knowledge on Humanistic Management and surrounding topics such as business ethics, leadership, CSR, corporate citizenship, sustainability, executive education, impact investing or purpose driven organizations to name but a few.
The books in this series all view Humanistic Management through their own lens, focusing on different aspects and highlighting different dimensions of humanism in business. What unites the books in this series is that they are all aligned to the three stepped approach which defines how we view Humanistic Management. It is based on the unconditional respect for the dignity of life, the integration of ethical reflection in managerial decision making and the active and ongoing engagement with stakeholders.
Furthermore the volumes in the series are an open invitation to join our efforts to make impact towards a more equitable and a more sustainable planet.
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Series Editor
  • Ernst von Kimakowitz,
  • Pingping Fu,
  • Katarzyna Dorota Kopeć,
  • Kemi Ogunyemi,
  • Christina Schwabenland,
  • Shiv K Tripathi,
  • Ivan Ureta Vaquero

Book titles in this series

  1. Humanism in Marketing

    Responsible Leadership and the Human-to-Human Approach

    • Philip Kotler
    • Waldemar Pfoertsch
    • Fabio Ancarani
    • Ivan Ureta
    • Copyright: 2024

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