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Why is Making Europe unique? Why is it essential reading, and not just for Europeans? The answer: By focusing on key dimensions of technological change, Making Europe's six compelling volumes offer broad scope, sharp analysis, and critical knowledge, blending 14 distinguished historians' skills. Learn how, where, and why technologies were fundamental to shaping modern Europe. Discover how experts, innovators, and technological institutions helped generate 150 years of European advances and disasters, divisions and re-unions. No-one has ever attempted to research modern Europe on this scale. Having completed a decade-long project, the Making Europe team now presents its results to readers everywhere. The Making Europe project is coordinated by the Foundation for the History of Technology. The series was awarded the Freeman Award by the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) in 2014. See also: www.makingeurope.eu | www.inventingeurope.eu | www.histech.nl/www/en 
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  • Johan Schot,
  • Phil Scranton

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