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The Marx renaissance is underway on a global scale. Wherever the critique of capitalism re-emerges, there is an intellectual and political demand for new, critical engagements with Marxism. The peer-reviewed series Marx, Engels and Marxisms (edited by Marcello Musto & Terrell Carver, with Babak Amini, Francesca Antonini, Paula Rauhala & Kohei Saito as Assistant Editors) publishes monographs, edited volumes, critical editions, reprints of old texts, as well as translations of books already published in other languages. Our volumes come from a wide range of political perspectives, subject matters, academic disciplines and geographical areas, producing an eclectic and informative collection that appeals to a diverse and international audience. Our main areas of focus include: the oeuvre of Marx and Engels, Marxist authors and traditions of the 19th and 20th centuries, labour and social movements, Marxist analyses of contemporary issues, and reception of Marxism in the world. 
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Series Editor
  • Marcello Musto,
  • Terrell Carver

Book titles in this series

  1. Marxian Economics for the 21st Century

    Revaluating Marx's Critique of Political Economy

    • João Antonio de Paula
    • Hugo da Gama Cerqueira
    • Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque
    • Leonardo Gomes de Deus
    • Copyright: 2025

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  2. Marx's Russian Moment

    • Vesa Oittinen
    • Copyright: 2023

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