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The Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Region (AIB-SEAR) series publishes books which aim to inform and inspire academics, researchers and practitioners with an interest in further advancing knowledge and understanding of international business and multinational company behaviour from and within the Southeast Asia Region. Political changes and financial issues have been at the forefront of international business for several years, yet one trend is clear: the focus of global business is now on Asia. The growth of Asian economies in recent years, in particular China and several other ASEAN countries, has been based on the manufacture and export of goods around the world, especially large quantities of consumer goods being exported to Western Europe and North America. The AIB-SEAR series examines these international links which are essential to the expanding Southeast Asia economies. Moreover, these Asian countries have emerged as viable and important consumer markets, creating tremendous potential for multinational firms as growth destinations. The focus of the AIB-SEAR book series is on the continuous evolution of international business.
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  1. The Rise of Asian Firms

    Strengths and Strategies

    • T. Chan
    • G. Cui
    • Copyright: 2014

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