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The AIB-LAT book series is an initiative from the Latin American chapter of the Academy of International Business. The series publishes books that bring together theory, academic research and research-driven practice in the field of International Business (IB) from, and within, the Latin American region. The AIB-LAT Book Series is a significant outlet of research-driven knowledge on IB and multinational company (MNC) behavior in the region. The AIB-LAT series invites scientific research and theory that deals with strategies, structures and decision-making processes of MNCs in Latin America; cross-border activities of enterprises such as intra-company trade, investments, finance, technology transfer, people management and innovation; interactions between MNC enterprises and other relevant actors in Latin-America: organizations, institutions, markets, governments, and indigenous stakeholders. The series also deals with research on the impact of, and interaction between, the different Latin American cultural, economic, legal, and political settings on activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of MNCs. Other topics of interest are cross-country comparative studies of businesses, business processes, contexts and organizational behavior in Latin America and the development of strategic export alliances, and mergers and acquisitions in the Latin American context. The AIB-LAT book series will serve to inform scholars and practitioners about the current developments of IB theories and research in the region and also awake the interest of IB scholars to further advance the knowledge and understanding of IB and MNC behavior in Latin America.
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  • Leonardo Liberman

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