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Performing Landscapes offers a critical study of generic and complex sites for performance, including forests, ruins, rivers, home, fields, islands and mountains. Distinctive to this series is that such landscape figures will be located both on and off the theatrical stage, approached as both material and representational grounds for performance-led analyses. With its unique focus on particular and singular sites, Performing Landscapes will develop in novel ways the debates concerning performance's multiple relations to environment, ecology and global concerns.

Editorial Board: Professor Stephen Bottoms (University of Manchester); 
Professor Una Chaudhuri (New York University); Dr. Wallace Heim (independent scholar); Professor Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow); Professor Theresa J May (University of Oregon); Dr. Paul Rae (University of Melbourne); Professor Joanne Tomkins (University of Queensland).
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Series Editor
  • Deirdre Heddon,
  • Sally Mackey

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