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Welfare reform in Europe faces an uncertain future. This series provides the essential data and analysis that scholars need to understand and debate current developments in work and welfare and to evaluate future trajectories of care-work, poverty, activation policies, retirement and work-life balance' - Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent, UK.
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Series Editor
  • Daniel Clegg,
  • Nathalie Morel

Book titles in this series

  1. The Dynamics of Welfare Markets

    Private Pensions and Domestic/Care Services in Europe

    • ClĂ©mence Ledoux
    • Karen Shire
    • Franca van Hooren
    • Copyright: 2021

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  2. The Politics of Minimum Income

    Explaining Path Departure and Policy Reversal in the Age of Austerity

    • Marcello Natili
    • Copyright: 2019

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