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    Thermodynamic Properties of Low-Density \({}^{132}\hbox {Xe}\) Gas in the Temperature Range 165–275 K

    The method of static fluctuation approximation was used to calculate selected thermodynamic properties (internal energy, entropy, energy capacity, and pressure) for xenon in a particularly low-temperature rang...

    Abdulrahman Akour in International Journal of Thermophysics (2018)

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    Efficient flush-reload cache attack on scalar multiplication based signature algorithm

    Ping Zhou, Tao Wang, Xiaoxuan Lou, Xinjie Zhao in Science China Information Sciences (2018)

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    Topological Fulde-Ferrell and Larkin-Ovchinnikov states in spin-orbit-coupled lattice system

    The spin-orbit coupled lattice system under Zeeman fields provides an ideal platform to realize exotic pairing states. Notable examples range from the topological superfluid/superconducting (tSC) state, which ...

    Yao-Wu Guo, Yan Chen in Frontiers of Physics (2018)

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    Stable periodic orbits for spacecraft around minor celestial bodies

    We are interested in stable periodic orbits for spacecraft in the gravitational field of minor celestial bodies. The stable periodic orbits around minor celestial bodies are useful not only for the mission des...

    Yu Jiang, Jürgen Arno Schmidt, Hengnian Li, Xiaodong Liu, Yue Yang in Astrodynamics (2018)

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    Calibration of atmospheric density model using two-line element data

    For satellites in orbits, most perturbations can be well modeled, however the inaccuracy of the atmospheric density model remains the biggest error source in orbit determination and prediction. The commonly us...

    Yuan Ren, Jinjun Shan in Astrodynamics (2018)

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    A note on the full two-body problem and related restricted full three-body problem

    Truncating at the second order of the mutual potential between two rigid bodies, time-explicit first order solutions to the rotations and the orbital motion of the two bodies in the planar full two-body proble...

    Xiyun Hou, Xiaosheng Xin in Astrodynamics (2018)

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    Stabilization of coupled orbit–attitude dynamics about an asteroid utilizing Hamiltonian structure

    The gravitationally coupled orbit–attitude dynamics, also called the full dynamics, in which the spacecraft is modeled as a rigid body, is a high-precision model for the motion in the close proximity of an ast...

    Yue Wang, Shijie Xu in Astrodynamics (2018)

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    Optimization of observing sequence based on nominal trajectories of symmetric observing configuration

    This paper presents the crucial method for obtaining our team’s results in the 8th Global Trajectory Optimization Competition (GTOC8). Because the positions and velocities of spacecraft cannot be completely de...

    Hongwei Yang, Gao Tang, Fanghua Jiang in Astrodynamics (2018)

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    Overview of China’s 2020 Mars mission design and navigation

    Scheduled for an Earth-to-Mars launch opportunity in 2020, the China’s Mars probe will arrive on Mars in 2021 with the primary objective of injecting an orbiter and placing a lander and a rover on the surface ...

    Xiuqiang Jiang, Bin Yang, Shuang Li in Astrodynamics (2018)

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    Optimal sidewall functionalization for the growth of ultrathin TiO2 nanotubes via atomic layer deposition

    One of the most suitable approaches for the production of inorganic nanotubes is by means of carbon nanotube (CNT) templates coated by atomic layer deposition (ALD). This approach is attractive because it has ...

    D. Dominguez, H. A. Borbón-Nuñez, J. M. Romo-Herrera in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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    Helical gold nanotube film as stretchable micro/nanoscale strain sensor

    A micro/nanoscale strain sensor based on helical gold nanotube films (GNTFs) is proposed, which is prepared by magnetron sputtering using carbon nanocoils (CNCs) as templates. The gauge factor of the sensor re...

    Chenghao Deng, Lujun Pan, Chengwei Li, Xin Fu, Ruixue Cui in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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    Dynamics characteristics analysis and control of FWID EV

    Compared with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, four-wheel-independently-drive electric vehicles (FWID EV) have significant advantages, such as more controlled degree of freedom (DOF), higher energy e...

    Dongmei Wu, Haitao Ding, Changqing Du in International Journal of Automotive Technology (2018)

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    A high-performance aromatic co-polyimide fiber: structure and property relationship during gradient thermal annealing

    A high-performance aromatic co-polyimide (co-PI) fiber was prepared by thermal treating the polyamic acid (PAA) precursor fiber produced through a wet spinning technique. A gradient thermal treatment protocol,...

    Xiaona Yan, Mengying Zhang, Shengli Qi, Guofeng Tian in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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    Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of bacterial cellulose silver nanocomposites with sustained release

    Bacterial cellulose-based antifouling materials have been produced by incorporation of silver nanoparticles for broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Three variations of silver nitrate (AgNO3) to reducing agent ...

    Shivakalyani Adepu, Mudrika Khandelwal in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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    Synthesis of green phosphors from highly active amorphous silica derived from rice husks

    In this work, high purity amorphous silica derived from rice husk (RH) biomass was used to prepare green phosphor (Zn2SiO4:Mn2+). Based on the solid phase reaction under high temperature, the optimum doping conce...

    Zichao Wei, Zhaofeng Wang, William R. T. Tait in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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    Electric properties of MnZn ferrite/polyaniline composites: the implication of polyaniline morphology

    (Di)electric properties of MnZn ferrite particles coated by conductive (emeraldine salt) and non-conductive (emeraldine base) forms of PANi were measured and discussed in relation to properties of individual c...

    R. Moučka, N. Kazantseva, I. Sapurina in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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    Development of a self-driving car that can handle the adverse weather

    Lane and road recognition are essential for self-driving where GPS solution is inaccurate due to the signal block or multipath in an urban environment. Vision based lane or road recognition algorithms have bee...

    Unghui Lee, Jiwon Jung, Seokwoo Jung in International Journal of Automotive Techno… (2018)

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    Schlieren, Shadowgraph, Mie-scattering visualization of diesel and gasoline sprays in high pressure/high temperature chamber under GDCI engine low load condition

    Three visualization methods, Schlieren, Shadowgraph, and Mie-scattering, were applied to compare diesel and gasoline spray structures in a constant volume chamber. Fuels were injected into a high pressure/high...

    Donghoon Kim, Stephen Sungsan Park in International Journal of Automotive Techno… (2018)

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    Influence of the geometric parameters of the vehicle frontal profile on the pedestrian’s head accelerations in case of accidents

    The goal of this paper is to determine how the geometry of the vehicle’s frontal profile is influencing the pedestrian’s head accelerations (linear and angular) in car-to-pedestrian accidents. In order to achi...

    Bogdan Tolea, Alexandru Ionut Radu in International Journal of Automotive Techno… (2018)

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    Three-dimensional Si/hard-carbon/graphene network as high-performance anode material for lithium ion batteries

    The Si/hard-carbon/graphene (Si/HC/G) composite material used as lithium ion battery (LIB) anode was synthesized by emulsion polymerization of the mixture of resorcinol and formaldehyde in the suspension of si...

    Miao-lun Jiao, Jie Qi, Zhi-qiang Shi, Cheng-yang Wang in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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