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    Thermodynamic Properties of Low-Density \({}^{132}\hbox {Xe}\) Gas in the Temperature Range 165–275 K

    The method of static fluctuation approximation was used to calculate selected thermodynamic properties (internal energy, entropy, energy capacity, and pressure) for xenon in a particularly low-temperature rang...

    Abdulrahman Akour in International Journal of Thermophysics (2018)

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    Efficient flush-reload cache attack on scalar multiplication based signature algorithm

    Ping Zhou, Tao Wang, Xiaoxuan Lou, Xinjie Zhao in Science China Information Sciences (2018)

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    A New Estimation for Informed Trading Based on SSNF Method

    This paper estimates the information-based trading using spatially selective noise filtration (SSNF) method. The SSNF method is a kind of filtration technique based on the different spatial correlation of the ...

    Tao Bing, Shangmei Zhao, Qiang Zhang in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Information Security Protocol Based System Identification with Binary-Valued Observations

    Traditional control does not pay much attention to information security problems in system identification enough, which are important in practical applications. This paper focuses on the security problem of in...

    Changbao Xu, Yanlong Zhao, Ji-Feng Zhang in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    A Maximum Principle for Fully Coupled Forward-Backward Stochastic Control System Driven by Lévy Process with Terminal State Constraints

    This paper is concerned with a fully coupled forward-backward stochastic optimal control problem where the controlled system is driven by Lévy process, while the forward state is constrained in a convex set at...

    Hong Huang, Xiangrong Wang, Meijuan Liu in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    A Construction of 1-Resilient Boolean Functions with Good Cryptographic Properties

    This paper proposes a general method to construct 1-resilient Boolean functions by modifying the Tu-Deng and Tang-Carlet-Tang functions. Cryptographic properties such as algebraic degree, nonlinearity and alge...

    Jinyong Shan, Lei Hu, Xiangyong Zeng in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Free Information Flow Benefits Truth Seeking

    How can we approach the truth in a society? It may depend on various factors. In this paper, using a well-established truth seeking model, the authors show that the persistent free information flow will bring ...

    Wei Su, Yongguang Yu in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Control and Stabilization of the Rosenau Equation Posed on a Periodic Domain

    This paper considers the Rosenau equation with a moving control $${\partial _t}u + {\partial _t}\partial _x^4u + {\partial _x}u + u{\p...

    Deqin Zhou, Chunlai Mu in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Maximum Principle of Optimal Stochastic Control with Terminal State Constraint and Its Application in Finance

    This paper considers the optimal control problem for a general stochastic system with general terminal state constraint. Both the drift and the diffusion coefficients can contain the control variable and the s...

    Yu Zhuo in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    An M/M/1 Queueing-Inventory System with Geometric Batch Demands and Lost Sales

    This paper studies an M/M/1 queueing-inventory system with batch demands. Customers arrive in the system according to a compound Poisson process, where the size of the batch demands for each arrival is a rando...

    Dequan Yue, Guoxi Zhao, Yaling Qin in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Input-to-State Stability of Switched Nonlinear Delay Systems Based on a Novel Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functional Method

    In this paper, the input-to-state stability (ISS) analysis is addressed for switched nonlinear delay systems. By introducing a novel Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional with indefinite derivative and the merging sw...

    Guangdeng Zong, Haijuan Zhao in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    On LCD Negacyclic Codes over Finite Fields

    This paper deduces the structure of LCD negacyclic codes over the finite field F q , where q is an odd prime power. Based on the study of q-cyclotomic cosets modulo 2n, the autho...

    Binbin Pang, Shixin Zhu, Zhonghua Sun in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Error Formulas for Lagrange Projectors Determined by Cartesian Sets

    This paper studies error formulas for Lagrange projectors determined by Cartesian sets. Cartesian sets are properly subgrids of tensor product grids. Given interpolated functions with all order continuous part...

    Zhe Li, Shugong Zhang, Tian Dong, Yihe Gong in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Tracking Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots with Communication Delay and Data Loss

    This paper considers the tracking control problem of a wheeled mobile robot under situation of communication delay and consecutive data packet dropouts in the feedback channel. A tracking controller in discret...

    Tian-Yong Zhang, Guo-Ping Liu in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Stationary Analysis and Optimal Control Under Multiple Working Vacation Policy in a GI/M(a,b)/1 Queue

    This paper considers an infinite buffer renewal input queue with multiple working vacation policy wherein customers are served by a single server according to general bulk service (a, b)-rule (1 ≤ ab). If the ...

    Gopinath Panda, Abhijit Datta Banik in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Fuzzy Views on Black-Litterman Portfolio Selection Model

    In this paper, views of investor are described in fuzzy sets, and two fuzzy Black-Litterman models are constructed with fuzzy views and fuzzy random views respectively. In the models, expected returns and unce...

    Yong Fang, Lin Bo, Daping Zhao, Shouyang Wang in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Non-Monomial Permutations with Differential Uniformity Six

    In this paper, a family of non-monomial permutations over the finite field \({F_{{2^n}}}\) ...

    Ziran Tu, Xiangyong Zeng in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (2018)

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    Secure, efficient and revocable data sharing scheme for vehicular fogs

    With the rapid development of vehicular networks, the problem of data sharing in vehicular networks has attached much attention. However, existing data access control schemes in cloud computing cannot be appli...

    Kai Fan, Junxiong Wang, Xin Wang, Hui Li in Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications (2018)

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    Guest editorial: fog computing on wheels

    Hongzi Zhu, Tom H. Luan, Mianxiong Dong in Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications (2018)

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    Study of the alkali metal poisoning resistance of a Co-modified Mn/Ni foam catalyst in low-temperature flue gas SCR DeNO x

    A Co–Mn/Ni foam catalyst and alkali metal K-poisoned catalyst were prepared by an impregnation method using foamed Ni metal as a carrier. Mn was the active component, and Co was a trace auxiliary. The effects ...

    Guobo Li, Baozhong Zhu, Yunlan Sun, Shoulai Yin, Zhaohui Zi in Journal of Materials Science (2018)

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